Contact Name: Tao Wang
Organization: Multiple organizations
Method's Name: (L) ContextModelA
Reference: Tao Wang, Xuming He, Songzhi Su, Yin Guan., " Efficient Scene Layout Aware Object Detection for Traffic Surveillance", Traffic Surveillance Workshop and Challenge, CVPR 2017.
Project Website:
Evaluation Metrics

Average Precision of each category :

Articulated Truck Bicycle Bus Car Motorcycle Motorized Vehicle Non-motorized Vehicle Pedestrian Pickup Truck Single Unit Truck Work Van
0.9162 0.7990 0.9677 0.9380 0.8363 0.5640 0.5824 0.4261 0.9275 0.7380 0.7956

Mean Average Precision (MAP): 0.771903

Precision-Recall curve of each category