Contact Name: Zhiming Luo
Organization: university of sherbrooke
Method's Name: YOLO-V2-PascalVOC
Reference: Redmon, Joseph and Farhadi, Ali, "YOLO9000: Better, Faster, Stronger", arXiv:1612.08242
Project Website:
Evaluation Metrics

Average Precision of each category :

Articulated Truck Bicycle Bus Car Motorcycle Motorized Vehicle Non-motorized Vehicle Pedestrian Pickup Truck Single Unit Truck Work Van
0.8674 0.7839 0.9521 0.8051 0.8086 0.5195 0.5645 0.2573 0.8459 0.7000 0.7570

Mean Average Precision (MAP): 0.714651

Precision-Recall curve of each category